Monday, June 14, 2010

I Know, I Was There! Wasn't I?

Yesterday at church, I was shown a lovely, large room that we will be able to teach Family History. The brother that showed me the room, was excited and I told him I would show Aldon as soon as I could find him. After Sunday School, Aldon was going on about wind turbines and the conversation he had with someone when I told him there was something I wanted to show him. We got up and walked to the new family history room. He was delighted and said over and over how nice it was. We left the room and he walked to class with the brother who had given me the room and thanked him.

After church, we were standing in our closet hanging up our church clothes when he turned to me and said, "I have great news! The church has given us a large room with internet to teach family history." I just sucked in a deep breath, looked at him worriedly and said, "Aldon, I was with you, I know I was there! Don't you remember?" He looked blankly at me and said, "Were you?" "Yes, I was." "Are you okay" He said., "My mind can't seem to hold onto thoughts today. I couldn't understand the lesson in church." Me, "How do you mean? Connecting one thought or statement with another." "yes."

I know I was there! I was! Just keeping it real.

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